MGE Galaxy 3500   11/16/2009
APC Introduces the MGE Galaxy 3500 for Small Data Centers and Industrial Environments

West Kingston, RI, October 13, 2009 — APC by Schneider Electric today announced the MGE Galaxy 3500, an innovative, three-phase general purpose uninterruptible power supply (UPS). With an optimized footprint in a sturdy enclosure, the MGE Galaxy 3500 is suitable for a wide range of applications in the 10-30kVA segment – from small data centers and electrical rooms up to highly demanding industrial environments.

Relying on hot-swappable batteries, the new MGE Galaxy 3500 results in reduced downtime and increased runtime scalability for IT and electrical room environments. Designed to pack a myriad of features into a small footprint, the MGE Galaxy 3500 makes the best use of available space in tight environments, even those without dedicated IT space. The double conversion on-line topology, critical for process control, industrial, electrical room, and automation control applications, delivers zero transfer time and perfect regulation, while the parallel capability – up to four units – for either capacity or redundancy delivers flexibility of evolution.

Particularly well adapted to demanding industrial environments, the MGE Galaxy 3500’s heavy duty design of reinforced steel plates – 2mm front steel plate and NEMA 12/IP51 top plate – protects the UPS against hard handling, dirt and dripping liquids. In addition, it features easily replaceable air filters that prevent dust and debris from affecting performance. The MGE Galaxy 3500 also offers best-in-class efficiency, up to 93 percent, for reduced cost of ownership.

“The MGE Galaxy 3500 provides high-performance power protection and is the most efficient general-purpose UPS for electrical rooms and small data centers,” said Dave Guidette, senior vice president, Enterprise Systems, Services & Software, APC. “It offers the reliability and robustness that you expect from the MGE Galaxy product line with increased efficiency and modularity.”

Additional design benefits of the MGE Galaxy 3500 include:

· A unique slide in/out concept that makes it easy to replace the entire power module

· A maintenance bypass switch that is accessible from the front of the unit

· Dual mains input/output that allows for connection to two separate power inputs for increased availability

· Busbar connections for easy connection to extended run battery cabinets

· Soft generator walk-in that allows for use of a smaller generator (1.5 x UPS kVA rating)

· A user-friendly interface that includes a backlit display, independent status lights and navigation keys

· A network management card that allows for remote management of the UPS by connecting directly to the network via a Web browser and environmental monitoring

Included in the product price, the MGE Galaxy 3500 ships with start-up to ensure a zero-default installation, virtually eliminating the risk of failure or malfunction due to incorrect operation at start, as well as a one-year, on-site warranty that can be upgraded to a four-hour response (where available) to increase application availability. Additionally, Schneider Electric offers a remote monitoring service that enables IT and facility managers to meet service level objectives and minimize costs by tapping into Schneider Electric’s experienced staff of power professionals.

The MGE Galaxy 3500 is currently available in North America. For more information on APC please visit or call 800-877-4080.