MGE UPS 1250 VA  11/21/2009

Cost-effective solution for the protection

of personal and professional PCs

Nova AVR

500 / 625 / 1250 VA

Easy to use

and maintain

Very simply, the Nova AVR uses:

(625 and 1250 models)

3 indicator lamps to display the

principal states (ON/OFF, Replace

Batteries, Fault), supplemented by

audible alarms

The batteries are easy to replace

Its cold start fonction can turn the

Nova AVR into a mobile power

source for IT equipment.

The Nova AVR 625 is ideal for protecting a PC.

The Nova AVR 1250 is capable of protecting

2 or 3 workstations.

Ideal protection for 1 to 3 PCs,

either in a business environment

or at home

The Nova AVR range of UPS

units provide the user with costeffective

and rugged protection

against electrical interference and

power cutages:

Line Interactive technology

(automatic voltage correction)

Wide tolerance to fluctuations in the

mains power supply (up to 160V - 290V)

Power Management via USB


(Nova AVR USB models only)

Personal Solution-Pac software can be

interfaced with Nova AVR USB for advanced

Power management (UPS monitoring,

automatic system shutdown,...)

Telephone / Modem / Broadband

line filtering for total IT


The Nova AVR is equipped with protection

for the telephone / fax / modem and

Internet line, including ADSL - essential in

order to prevent surge and the destruction

of sensitive electronic components.